What Are the Reasons We Choose a Specific Costumes for Halloween?

When we choose a Halloween costume are we seeking refuge in superhero personas during
times of economic uncertainty? Or is it just a time for fun and make-believe!!!!!

And Angry Birds? Is an Angry Birds costume another medium for angry Americans -- be they
tea party activists or those in the Occupy Wall Street movement -- to express their frustration?
Or does it have something to do with how much screen time this game is getting?

At an estimated 400 million downloads, and counting, this is one of the most popular online
games of all time.

Zombies are a good bet. They are everywhere you turn and people often take Hollywood and
pop-culture ideas to select their Halloween costumes. This may be due to the fact that
Halloween has increasingly become an adult party holiday.

If you Cannot Afford a Great Halloween Costume, Here are Some Great
Inexpensive Costume Ideas

* The Keebler Cookie Elf --Get a pair of yellow sweatpants, red socks, elf shoes, green
suit-like jacket, white polo shirt, a yellow tie and one of those tall hats. For the hat, cover it with
red fabric and a yellow strip near the base. Color your hair white too.

* Quarter Pounder --Have a play hammer and a quarter with you. Pound the quarter when
someone asks what you are.

* Piece of Gum Stuck to Your Shoe --Dress in all pink and attach a shoe to the top of your

* Deviled Egg --Wear all white. Paint or attach a yellow circle to your stomach. Wear devil
horns and carry a pitchfork.

* Static Cling --Wear any kind of mismatched clothes, pin one pant leg up, pin dryer sheets on
you as well as socks, small towels, etc., and then use hair gel to make your hair look like it has

* "Chip"-monk --Dress in a monk's robe and hot-glue (empty) potato chip bags to yourself.

* Mrs. Potato Head --Use brown felt to turn yourself into a potato, wear white leggings,
turtleneck and gloves underneath, with red clown shoes. Make up some felt body parts (eyes,
lips, etc.) and attach with Velcro.

* Picnic --Use a plastic red & white checked tablecloth and cut a hole in the middle for the
head. Then glue plastic plates and picnic-type food on the plates. Carry a picnic basket for the

* Tornado --Dress all in black, paint your face black, and wear a black stocking cap and black
gloves. Find a bunch of "miniatures"--barnyard animals, cars, tractors, houses, etc.--and attach
them to black yarn or string, and fasten to your clothing with glue or pins. When someone dares
to ask what you are, spin crazily around the room making a roaring noise?

* Leaf Blower --Wear a baseball cap that has a leaf hanging in front of your face. Blow on it
occasionally so that you're a true "leaf blower."