Sarah Good- Accused Witch

Sarah Good was born to a prosperous innkeeper in 1653. However, her father's
estate became entangled in litigation leaving Sarah Good in poverty. After the
death of her first husband, she married William Good.

The Goods lived a life of begging and poverty in Salem Village. Sarah was regarded
as an unsavory person and has come to be regarded through literature as the
stereotypical witch, a disreputable old hag.

She was among the first three women accused of witchcraft in 1692 and was the
first to testify. She never confessed guilt, but, like Tituba, she did accuse Sarah
Osburne, an act that was credited with validating the witchcraft trials and

Good was hanged as a witch on Tuesday July 19, 1692, but not until after the
imprisonment of her six year old child Dorcas, also accused of witchcraft, and the
tragic death of her infant in prison.

As Sarah Good stood before the gallows at Salem, Massachusetts she turned to
Reverend Noyes, her most persistent pursuer, and said, "I am no more a witch than
you are a wizard and if you take away my life, God will give you blood to drink."
Interestingly, Noyes died 25 years later by choking on his own blood.

Written Testimony Against Sarah Good